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I've been obsessing about getting an orange lipstick recently, after seeing Kat Von D's A-Go-Go in action. I don't know why but I absolutely love the color and I've been trying to get my hands on it since. I've made a list of the brightest shades of orange lipstick I've found and thought I'd share it with you!

Now, I'm not a regular lipstick wearer, but I really want to try the regular version of A-Go-Go just to see how it compares, as I've heard quite mixed reviews on these!

Also, while looking for something completely different, I stumbled upon a MAC lipstick, and I had to put it in the mix! So bright and pretty much the same color too.

I've also been meaning to get SuedeBerry for a while and try the Melted and Hourglass liquid lipsticks, as I've heard so many things about them but haven't found them myself!

What do you think? What's your makeup obsession at the moment?


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Tarte Lust Edit:

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Tarte - Which is probably my favorite makeup brand at the moment - Recently came up with a bunch of stuff that is simply too good not to be shared.

I decided it would be fun to share a “Lust list” kind of thing with you, and share opinions on all products, wether you have tried them yourself, if they’re worth the hype, or if you’d like to try them as well!

The first thing on my list is their new blush and contour palette, which is like all blush/Bronzer contour palettes available on the market, I’m guessing. I mostly want it to use on my eyelids for light no-makeup makeup looks! I can picture the bronzer shade looking gorgeous on the crease and the light tone on the lid.

The other thing that I really want to try, have for a while in fact - Is their contour/Highlight stick. As I love a multiple use product and also ran out of the Princess Avenue contour stick, and not satisfied with the NYX wonder stick I have, I think this is a perfect match for me.

Another thing I’ve been wanting for a while is the CC Cream stick, which is a 4-In-1 Product, idea which I love, of course.

There are a bunch of other things I want to get aswell, such as the cheek stains set, as I’m not fully satisfied with the shade of the one I have at the moment, the lash primer just to get a more waterproof effect and not have my mascara clump at some point, the lash essentials set because I’m such a tool Girl, and the CC primer stick to try and see if it’s any different from any I’ve tried.

To finish off this lust list, there are two palettes I have my eyes on: The Poppy Pic-Nic and the Tartelette. I’ve been loving the shades in those, as one is very neutral, nudey and the other is like the Naked 2, only with matte eyeshadows, so better. The swatches I’ve seen show some amazing pigmentation.

Have you tried any of those products? What are your essentials/Lusts and what do you think of these?

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ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks.


When I first heard ColourPop was doing Liquid Lipsticks, I was very curious and thought I had to get them. Then, I saw swatches and I was sold. Imagine when I saw they were only $6? Total bonus.
I managed to get my hands on the colors I like most and I'm going to swatch them and make a quick review on each of them.

"Mars" is the perfect shade I have been after for as long as I can remember. It’s the same shade I remember my very, very loved Pink Velvet to be, although my Pink Velvet could have been a “Bad” Batch (Which was perfect for me!) because the new one I have now looks nothing like it. I have a feeling they changed the formula... I am so pleased to have found that shade, but I’m also very surprised at how chalky it felt the first time. Even to me, a girl who LOVES her lipstick liquid, drying and lightweight, this felt slightly weird and this required multiples reapplications. You definitely have to moisturize beforehand. Aside from that, the formula is pretty liquid (Which I prefer a liquid lipstick to be!) and the color range is actually pretty perfect and has a dupe for every shade of every brand you could possibly want and find on the market for just $6. (Which also explains the chalkiness for “Mars” and all of them, really. But hey, what did you expect for $6?! It’s pretty good considering. But CP, you could change that too!) On day 2, the formula felt a lot better, and afterwards I had no problem at all anymore. So, here's a little tip: Shake it a bit and warm it up for a few second, so that everything in the tube blends together, stir the product in the tube with the wand and no one's the wiser. After I did that, no more chalkiness, just a tiny tad dry, but not too bothering. It doesn't hold that well in the center and does transfer a bit even after drying if you layer the product. Amazingly pigmented, and leaves a stain even after wiping it. It is a close dupe for JSC "Masochist", by the way, just a tad bit lighter. 4,5/5 (But 5/5 for the color and the matte effect!)

"HighBall" is actually lighter and is a dupe for “Pink Velvet”, “Prom Night” and “Backstage Bambi”. It's creamier than Mars. 4,5/5

"Creeper" is a deep true red, which is said to be blue-based but I actually find it has more orange undertones than anything else. Still a lovely color, though. Dupe for Always Red, RedRum, American Doll and Outlaw. 4,5/5

"Avenue" is a deep burgundy shade, very pigmented and tends on the brownish side. Dupe for LimeCrime. 4,5/5

"LAX" is a deep brown red with yellow undertones, which can be a dupe for Vampira and Heathers, Unicorn Red. 4,5/5

Overall, these little tubes of color are gems, although the one thing I have to say is that ColourPop needs to make a slightly better formula. Not change anything but the chalkiness. Keep it liquidy/Watery and make it adhere to the center of the lips better and no transfer after the lipstick has dried. Overall note 4,5/5 because of that.

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Celebrity Skin.

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Nude lips are a classic. But I find they're really hard to come across when it comes to liquid lipsticks. 

On the hunt for a good liquid lipstick nude, I picked up JSC "Celebrity Skin”.
I was excited to get it, until it arrived and I tried it on, that is.

It is described as "The perfect pinky beige nude" but the color is in fact way too brown with very little pink in it. I wasn’t aware they changed the formula and honestly don’t like the color/Shade at all. I’m a bit disappointed they did, as the only reason I got this instead of another one was because I really loved how the OG looked as displayed on the website and various swatches I’ve seen on the web. It really did look like the perfect nude for pale skin and what a let down to see it is pretty much the exact same shade as "Cashmere". I was looking for a pinky-beige nude color, that I’ve been wanting to get for a while and I thought this one would be a good fit, but it’s not. Just like I didn’t like how "Cashmere" wash me out like crazy when I wear it, it has the exact same color and look and that’s what I was trying to avoid by looking for another one. It honestly doesn't make you look good if you have a pale complexion.

L: "Celebrity Skin" - R: "Cashmere"
Also, it smells like cat pee, which is a first and also the first time a JSC lipstick bothers me. Usually they don’t have a smell. Smell disappears almost instantly, though but still, it's unsettling.

As usual, the consistency itself is good, creamy but lightweight. It does take a bit more time than the others I have to dry, which I’m not a fan of, but when I’m feeling creative, I guess it’s not too bothering. It gives you time to work it up the way you want to, for those of who whose jam is that.
It’s the first lipstick from JSC that I don’t like, and I really wanted to but it’s just not my jam. I found “I’m Nude” to look too light to flatter my complexion which is why I got "Celebrity Skin" but apparently, it’s closer to the OG formula of CS than anything else, so I might give this one a try and compare both shades.

You can find my other JSC reviews here!

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This Week In Playlist.

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Spotify came up with a wonderful feature called "Discover Weekly" a couple weeks ago, that I've been using ever since. I'm a big fan of that option so I thought I would share my suggestions with you. This new series I'm launching is a weekly playlist solely made of musical "Discoveries/Re-Discoveries", courtesy of Spotify and curated by yours truly.

This week is a mix of songs I meant to post a while back and those (Re-)Discoveries I was talking about that have been adding up for a couple of weeks, so it's pretty long. It's mostly filled with hair metal and 80's tracks, and it's guaranteed to make you feel things. Mostly, headbanging.

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